Our website building process

If you’re thinking about working with us to design or redesign your website, you’re probably wondering what our design process looks like. Here’s an overview.

We’ll start by scheduling an initial design and strategy meeting to help us understand what you want from your website, your organization’s main goals, existing branding and outreach elements, and your overall vision. Sometimes we suggest scheduling a full roadmapping project so we can understand your project in the most complete way possible and recommend suggested strategies to achieve your goals.

If you move forward with the design project, your project will take eight to twelve weeks from start to finish. We’ll document our progress in a portal designed just for you, and we’ll get your input with each step.

Early in the process, we’ll put together a homepage mockup, and we’ll meet with you for your feedback. Once we’ve settled on a homepage look, we’ll determine exactly what pages you need to appear on your site, and we’ll start building out the pages using similar branding elements that we’ve used on your homepage. 

You will provide website content, including images and written text. We’ll also request information from you like links to online stories, a donate page, email list details, etc.

Then, we’ll go through two revision processes to get your website just right.

Finally, we’ll test the website on multiple platforms and then launch the site on a day of your choosing.

At that time we’ll also send you a variety of tutorials to each you how to add basic content, such as blog posts and events, to your site.

If you decide to purchase a Maple care plan, we’ll get you onboarded as a care plan client and Maple community member!

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