Maple’s “Good Fit” Policy

We offer creative services care plans to people and organizations who we believe are a good fit for the service. We love our clients and love supporting websites that make a difference so here are a few ideas for what makes a good fit. We hope you'll bring your own qualifications when it comes to finding a creative agency with values you support.

If you’d like to review Maple’s Core Values, they are published here.

What does it mean to be a good fit?

  • Working together is mutually beneficial, and our work would provide a tangible return on investment for you,
  • Your website is aligned with our values of being generous, caring, and making the world a better place (sorry, oil & gas companies aren't a good fit).
  • You like working with us, and we like working with you—and there is good communication on both sides.
  • You are responsive to our emails, you take action, and you are willing to do hard work of getting things done (we want to have this in common with our clients).
  • For potential care plan clients, you would require a reasonable* amount of edits and changes (for plans with unlimited edits).

What is a reasonable amount of edits?

If you are hoping to sign up for a care plan with Maple, depending on the tier you select, you’ll have access to unlimited website edits.

We use the term unlimited because we don't want our clients to feel limited from making changes to their website that would improve their impact in the world. If you're a client, we believe in you and your mission, and we're happy to support you.

That said, we also request that clients are reasonable about the edits they request.

For example, if your site is under construction, we would not be able to provide unlimited edits for a care plan, as this would be asking for services that are outside standard maintenance. I think we can all agree that would be unreasonable.

If you are unsure about this policy, we are more than happy to discuss.

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