Creating a custom blog layout

If you want control over how your blog page shows posts you can create a new themer layout for your blog. 

Call it something you’ll recognize like “blog archive” and choose “archive” as the layout.  

Then, you’ll see this themer layout editor page. Here you want to choose the location. 
Use the ? icon to get more information about what this means – and in this case, the location is going to be “all posts” so that we can build a layout that works in any instance where a page full of posts is being displayed. 

With the page builder activated, you can now make changes.

By default the post list is showing feature images for each post. Until I have a feature image set for each post, this is blank.
Adding featured images is important, so consider this the prompt you needed to go into your posts and add feature images

The posts module is powerful. In this example it's being used for a blog layout, but you can also use posts to show the latest posts (or specific category) on your home page or specific program pages on your site. 

The blog uses a post list on the home page to show off recent posts. 

Learn more about the post list module on the Beaver Builder Knowledgebase.

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