Image to Text Alignment

Good design often goes unnoticed, because the content is able to fully immerse us. The best design gets out of the way so that the core idea can be clearly communicated. 

Thus, alignment, spacing, and proximity are often at the root of what makes an otherwise good website,  really good. I would argue that good design will increase action as well. 

Can you see the difference in these two layouts? 

The following design principles are at work here:

  • Pixel perfect alignment of all rows and modules
  • Spacing around the elements is consistent across all pages creating a visual language
  • Padding and margin measurements follow the Fibonacci sequence
  • Contrast on the page is focused on the content, not the shapes on the page
  • Short paragraphs for responsive reading experience
  • An invitation to join the list, even though the page is not selling anything

The visual design and balance of your website pages makes a difference, and it'd be interesting to measure the analytics and then apply a design audit and brushups and measure the difference a few months later.

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