Best Practices For Images in Maple Builder

Images are one of the most important parts of your website. If you're looking for information about what images to use, where, and how to get good images, check out the website photography guide in your care plan lesson on content.

If you're looking for best practices for images with Maple Builder, read on...

Best Practices For Image Sizes

The image size is related to how long it takes for your page to load for a viewer. One of the first things people look for when speed optimizing a website is compressing images so that their file size is smaller. By following these best practices you can do most of this up front yourself. 

1. Size images before uploading them onto your website. Before uploading images into your website media library, resize them so they are no larger than 2500 pixels. Why 2500 pixels? Unless you're creating a website for large television screens, even your full width images will not need to be larger than 2500 pixels. 

2. When you add an image module to your page, you can choose the size of how it gets displayed. This is a really cool feature because it allows you to store a large image and then use it appropriately to the size of the area you're displaying it in. 

The following screenshots show you what I mean. 

In this one, you can see the image is over 4,000 pixels wide, so it's going to load slowly.

In this next example, the image is both smaller and cropped. The circle crop works best for portraits, but notice that you can make changes to photos within the builder module. 

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