Margins and Padding

Web designer Laura Elizabeth says that if something doesn't feel "quite right" it probably has to do with spacing of the content. 

In the page builder, this can be edited within each row, column, and module. You'll find settings for margins and padding in the advanced tab of the settings areas. 

Here's a demo

NOTE: Any changes you make in the advanced area will override the default settings – so if your site is also being managed by Maple, you may want to check in with us before making a bunch of changes yourself. 

What are the margins and padding? (and why do we care?)

Margins are on the outside of the container you are editing (module, column, row), and the spacing is the amount of space on the inside.

Understanding this will go a long way to editing anything from buttons to images to advanced hero rows. 

Here is an image from the Beaver Builder help docs to illustrate the margins and padding.

And check out this document to learn more :

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