Editing Background Images in Maple

Want to change a background image on a section of your website? This article will explain how, and there is also a video at the bottom of this article.

This is easy, but does not involve the photo module, which is why it might not be obvious. 
The background is for the row itself, so to change the picture, open the row settings. 
With the page builder turned on, hover over the row settings icon.
Then scroll down to the section of the style tab for the background. This could be an image, a color, parallax (there’s a few options).
Then add or change the background. If it’s an image you can select or upload from the media library. 
Make sure the size of the photo is not smaller than 1500 pixels, otherwise it will be pixelated (blurry on screens). 
Also make sure the image isn’t too big either so the site isn’t slowed down. 2000 pixels is a good limit for image size. 

Video Walk Through

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