Editing a Page

There are two ways to edit a page, the "edit page" link and the "Maple Builder" link in the toolbar when you are logged in. You will see these options in the page list as well. 

Edit Page is the WordPress default editor. When page builder is enabled you will see all the details except for the page content. In the "edit page" area you'll have author details, publish date, excerpt, and your SEO settings (among other things). 

Maple Builder is where you will edit your page content, in between the header and the footer. See more details below.

The ability to easily edit your website content is a must-have – which is why we're so excited to show you how to use Maple Builder. 

When you're logged into your website, you'll see a link in the toolbar at the top of your browser

Once you click this link, the builder will turn on and give you access to all the content on the page. 

Note: This does not allow you to edit the header or footer, since these are consistent throughout the entire website. 

Once the builder is open, simply click on the area you want to edit and an editor will pop up allowing you to make changes. 

Note: Some of the modules are more advanced than others – so make sure you take a moment to review the video tutorials, or visit the help center for Maple Builder

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