For course creators, bloggers, and organizations ConvertKit is the best way to manage email automation and subscribers. Use our affiliate link for free support from Maple in starting up your ConvertKit account.

I've been a fan of ConvertKit despite the un-fitting name. This is one of the most sincere marketing companies run by really amazing and generous people. They are a small company that has had amazing success because they are dedicated to their mission of serving creators who want to make a living online. 

What's unique about ConvertKit? 

Other tools out there like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, etc... require a greater deal of customization and development work to get right. While we love taking on extra work – we only like doing the right work. 

ConvertKit helps you (and us) work smarter instead of harder. By keeping things simple, ConvertKit helps you focus on the details that matter instead of getting distracted on fancy email templates and stuff like that. This isn't to say that ConvertKit emails won't look good – in my humble opinion they provide the most professional and high-quality email newsletters in the industry. 

Clutter-free email

When you read your inbox, what kind of emails do you actually read all the way to the bottom? 

If you compare email newsletters that look like the advertisement insert in a newspaper... with images and bright buttons left and right... or do you read the emails that are more personal and to the point?

These days, a cluttered email with tons of images can come across as desperate. For example, a high-value offer will never be made in a shouting match. What ConvertKit does is challenge us to use our words better, to format our text in more elegant ways, and to send emails that our subscribers will look forward to reading. 

Nobody likes to be tricked into clicking on something – so ConvertKit is about being honest and sincere. 

FYI, about the name "ConvertKit"

For a couple years now Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit has been looking for a new name that better communicates the values behind the company. "Conversion" is a design term that helps us measure the percentage of sends to opens in an email campaign – so it's not about literally converting a person to an opinion or view. 

So stay tuned for a new name. I'm excited to see where they choose to go!

Again, if you'd like to try ConvertKit for yourself, use our affiliate link to get a free email marketing consultation from Maple!

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