Saved Modules and Rows

With Maple Builder, we can save modules and rows once we've customized them around your design. 

This is extremely useful for sections of your site that need to be repeated or reused as a template. 

We used saved modules for buttons, contact forms, and other items that's we've taken time to customize.

We use saved rows if we need a collection of modules such as a gallery, list of services, page hero, etc...

How to save a module or row

WIth the page builder activated, click on the module or row you want to save, then click "Save As..." This will add the item to your builder library to use later.

Using saved modules or rows

Saved modules and rows can be found in the Maple Builder menu under their respective menus. 

So for example, if you wanted to add your "simple opt-in" (newsletter signup) to a new section (row) on your page, you would drag the simple opt-in row from the saved rows menu to your page. Since it's a global row, any changes you might make to this opt-in will happen anywhere on your website where this has been used. 

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