Changing Your Active Color

The accent color on your website is the color of buttons and links. Along with the accent color is the hover color. 

This can be changed by clicking "customize", then clicking on "general" and then "accent color". 

This will change all the areas on your website that have not been individually changed. 

The accent color only affects content (and modules) that have NOT been individually changed.

You can control the colors of any bit of text, button, heading, or background page by page using the Maple Builder, but this overrides your ability to make site wide changes in the customizer.

Best practice is to use the default settings for color and text size, this way you can make site-wide changes as described above.

  • Default color for button backgrounds
  • Default color for heading and text colors in modules
  • Default (or no) background color on row

Someday you will have a different color or a different font, and you'll want to make this change without going through each page and changing each module. That's why using defaults is so important – it gives you more flexibility in the long run. 

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