Placeholder Content on Your Draft Website

Placeholder content (sample images and text) can be used to complete a page layout before content is completed. To change it and add your content, turn on the Maple Builder, edit each module, and then publish your changes.

If your content is not ready yet, we use placeholder content in order to provide a live, clickable demo site so we can troubleshoot the experience of your readers and give you practice adding your content and making changes on your website.

There are three types of placeholder content:
  • Ipsum (we use  Veggie Ipsum, of course)
  • Stock images
  • Guiding templates (to help you write your content)

Ipsum and stock images are part of every Sapling website we spin up for students.

Make sure to check out the articles about  Maple Builder so you can learn about editing this content to be your own.

Guiding templates are a bit more in-depth because it requires us to work with you on your marketing and understand the types of content you want to be displaying. Guiding templates help you write content and explain why certain sections go where they are (see example image below)

More info about Guiding Templates.
A guiding template is created based on conversations we’ve had about your audience, your goals, and your message. 
A guiding template is a sentence or page structure that is meant to be changed, modified, etc… but uses the space on the page to remind you of the conversations we had when we were designing your site. 
A guiding template usually includes prompts like “This is a welcoming statement, which communicates the values and helps the ideal customer know that they are in the right place.” or "This subtitle is an optional description of what to expect on this page.”
If you want to have a guiding template created for your website, please let us know! We'd be happy to provide a quote.
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