Free Services by Maple

Lots of our stuff is free!

Don't have budget to work with us? That's okay! We will still do our best to help you out, answer your questions, and provide a recommendation (if you're looking for that). 

Generosity, by design, has a transformative potential for our economy. Instead of spending money on marketing, we dedicate time to answering website questions, providing workshops and training, and creating and contributing to online courses. 

A Win-Win Business Model 

Our business model allows us to provide tons of free value to anyone who wants it. There is an abundance of information and we are no hoarders. If we can help, we will, so just ask. 

We also provide four high-value projects per year (one for each season) to qualifying individuals and organizations. Click here to learn more and apply for a project. 

Even our free work is outcome-oriented. We provide contracts for free projects as well, because it's through this process of getting everything in writing that we're able to define the outcomes and get everyone on the same page. We value the time, attention, and commitment of everyone we work with.

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