Hourly Rates

The majority of our contracted work is based on outcomes, so please read our article about Outcome Pricing. But in a few instances, we may discuss hourly billing for the work you need completed.

Our standard hourly rate is...

  • billed in 15 minute increments
  • $100 /hour for NON-clients
  • $75 an hour for clients

There are only a few instances in which hourly rates will be applied

  • When we both agree that hourly makes the most sense
  • When you're hiring us for pure technical labor (as you would a skilled mechanic)
  • When you're enrolled in a care plan and you want to delegate small tasks that are outside the scope of our agreement
  • When we can clearly estimate the commitment in time

Example 15 Minute Tasks

And just so you have an idea... here is list of common 15 minute tasks:

  • Publishing a new product, ticketed event, or blog post
  • Targeting and sending an email broadcast
  • Diagnosing a problem with your website
  • Updating a database with a CSV file merge

These are fairly regular tasks for website owners, which is why we offer care plans that accommodate unlimited edits. I know it sounds too good to be true, so please check out our care plan page at buildwithmaple.com

No Surprises Policy

You will never be surprised by an invoice by Maple. Plus, if you're not happy with our work you have the ability to break a contract at any time without consequence. There is no fine print – it's all out there for us to look at and reach a win-win scenario.

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