Outcome Pricing

For the most part, you'll see services and projects by Maple priced around the outcome. This way we can outline exactly what you get and what to expect. You can easily know if hiring us is a good idea and will provide a return on investment. 

Outcome pricing is better for everyone

Outcome pricing requires a clearly defined project. If a project is not yet defined we will suggest one of our consultation packages such as Project Roadmapping. This gives you a chance to really explain your idea and to map out all the options before committing your resources, whether it be time or money. See, even our Roadmapping project is outcome oriented, so you know exactly what you get before you buy it. 

A paid consulting package gives your project the attention, focus, and expertise that it deserves. When an agency provides a quote after a 20 minute conversation, it's guesswork at best – and this is why so many projects go over budget or are "finished" without actually delivering the results you wanted.

With outcome pricing, we gain clarity around the purpose and the final results of every project idea before getting started or making a commitment. This is our secret to creating win-win scenarios for our clients. 

Check out some of our other docs about care plans, the few instances in which hourly billing is the most appropriate, and the free projects and content that Maple offers. 

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