WordPress Video Manual

All clients have access to a detailed WordPress manual that always reflects the latest version of WordPress and other core software used on your website. The manual is both video and written text to accommodate whichever works best for you. 

There are two different ways to access your manual:

1. On our website (see below for link and password)

2. On your website dashboard of your website (upper left corner)

1. WordPress Video Manual

This is a page on our website for registered clients. This page is password protected. 

The password is "begenerous"


Once you're in, you'll see videos divided into some core sections. This will likely change over time, but will always include basic WordPress information, page builder, and WooCommerce. 

Bookmark the video manual page so that you can learn on the go. 

"On time learning" is a concept that's popular among efficiency experts, and totally applies on this page. The idea is that you only need to learn about editing images in WordPress when you're editing images in WordPress. 

Maple is about helping you be expressive and providing value... and this manual is one of the ways we can help you overcome any technical obstacles that might stand in your way.

2. On Your Website

There is also a manual on your website because this is where you work. This way you can truly benefit from the principle of on time learning mentioned above. If you get stuck or have a question, try searching for a keyword in your manual (such as "images"). The search will bump you to the section of the page where you can watch the video (usually around 2 minutes or so). 

Then, of course, you can always hop over to Maple and leave a support ticket or chat with our team during regular business hours. 

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