Overview of Maple Builder

Maple Builder allows you to edit your page using a visual, drag-and-drop builder. If you’d like a video guide to the Maple Builder, check out this article.

Here are the fundamentals.

  1. A library of rows, columns, and modules are the building blocks of your page.
  2. When you edit a page, you edit each block individually. See the screenshot below to see what we mean.
  3. You can design your own pages from scratch or start with a template. Remember, most top designers use templates!

Scroll through the rest of this document to get into some of the details.

While WordPress is the platform we use to manage content, Maple Builder is the suite of software that is installed on your website to give us creative superpowers when it comes to designing site. With the builder, we gain a lot of creative control over your site look, feel, and layout without needing to write new code. 

Check out other articles about using Maple Builder–but what's even better are the support videos included on your website dashboard.

Maple/Beaver Builder is Here to Stay

In case you're wondering, Maple isn't a software company, so we didn't engineer the builder ourselves. Instead, we license the entire suite of software, which gives us more functionality and access to ongoing updates to keep your website fresh and secure.

Instead of code and software development, we specialize in user-first design so that both you and your clients have a good experience on your site. To best serve our clients, we use licensed software called Beaver Builder to provide a top-notch page builder on Maple websites.

Beaver Builder is a popular drag-and-drop builder that is known for its stability, support, and effectiveness. You can read all about it at www.wpbeaverbuilder.com.

By making the builder our own, we can provide an experience and support for clients that is unlike any other. Plus, you can get the entire suite of software for a fraction of the price.

Want to Know More?

Rather than using an affiliate link and referring people to a basic version of the Beaver Builder software, we purchased an agency-level license to Beaver Builder, which has additional features and gives us the ability to customize your website based on the way you use it. The benefit of licensed software is that actual experts are continuing to develop, improve, and support it, which is vital for positive user experience, security, and user privacy protection.

Here is one of our favorite articles from the Beaver Builder Knowledge base: What can I do with Beaver Builder?

Your Support Provided by Maple

Even though we license and brand the page builder, you can access all the Beaver Builder help documents over at https://kb.wpbeaverbuilder.com.

What we provide for you is personalized support based on our relationship and our understanding of your website. We are experts in the tools that we provide for our client's websites–and we are experts in translating any issues you may have into tech-speak to help you solve the problems you need to solve.

At any point while you're working in the page builder, you can click the help button from the menu in the top left. This will give you an orientation of Maple Builder, as well as links to our help desk (that you're looking at now) and the ability to open a support ticket with our team.

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