Why we only offer plugin maintenance for Sapling websites

Website plugins can great tools that can help you expand your website’s functionality in many different ways. But, plugins are also finicky! Plugin developers frequently update the plugins to make good changes, but if the update isn’t compatible with your website, the update has the potential to break your site. It’s important that you or whoever manages your site knows what plugins you are using and has a good familiarity with your site.

If you don’t know what plugins you are using and you’d like to have this concern taken off your plate, we recommend upgrading your care plan service to a Sapling tier or higher so that we can manage your plugins. Because plugin updates require a good deal of familiarity with a given website, we only offer managed plugin updates for care plan clients at the Sapling tier or higher, giving us time and hours to really know your site.

If you’re not ready to upgrade your plan, you can also add managed plugin updates to a Basic care plan for an additional $25 per month. To request the add-on, send us an email at support@buildwithmaple.com.

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