Migrating your website to Maple hosting or care plan

Migrating your website to Maple means that we’ll host and manage your website instead of the current service you use. This will give you access to our suite of tools to make it easier to edit and manage your website and our managed hosting with security, daily backups, and a faster load time.

It will also open the door to work with Maple’s attentive support team to grow your website to meet your vision and goals.

Here’s the good part: to start, we’ll simply create a copy of your website on our private server here at Maple. You'll have a unique URL that you can use to test the new website and experience how we do things differently at Maple.

Your current site won’t change unless you're 100% ready to make the switch. Then, we help you with that too.

Migrating your website is super easy

All you need to do is:

  1. Send a message to support@buildwithmaple.com asking about our website migration.
  2. We'll schedule a call to learn a bit more about your website and get the credentials we need.
  3. We’ll provide an estimate, and once you approve, we’ll start the migration process.

It takes less than a week to complete the migration, cancel your other accounts, and schedule a meeting to review your newly migrated website and tools.

You'll have time to test everything out—and if you don't like the Maple platform for your website, you can simply cancel.

So leave us a message and tell us more about your website to get started.

Grow with a Maple Care Plan

Websites need consistent care and attention to grow. Once we have migrated your website, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for one of our care plan tiers that matches your website needs and the stage of growth your website is in.

For clients looking to grow their website, you’ll be able to work with our experienced support team who will really get to know your website and work with you to fulfill your vision.

Read more about our care plans here. You can sign up for a care plan at any time, whether or not we host your website.

Here are some of the reasons people migrate their website to Maple

  • They want the tools that help them run their website more effectively
  • They want the bundled rate we offer on software and services
  • They want to save money by cleaning up their online accounts
  • They want managed hosting with security, daily backups, and a faster load time
  • They want personalized support from people who know the details about their website
  • They want to have the extensive video manual and live trainings we offer
  • They want to clean up their messes, tie up loose ends, and work closely with a values-drive team to handle website issues and technical support
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