Theme Layouts, what you need to know

One of the best things about Maple Builder is that you have the option to create a custom layout for your blog, posts, products, events, and any other theme layout (example below). 

Here's a video on how to change layouts for a bunch of pages all at once, using the page builder

Maple sites usually include the following basic theme layouts as a starting point;

  • posts
  • blog
  • custom footer
  • custom header

Here's what it looks like on your site.

Creating custom posts allows you to use the convenient Maple Builder to edit these areas of your website which are usually restricted to developers. By using the page builder you can now add buttons, custom menus, and adjust the size of your logo with the builder.
Pretty cool right?

The theme layouts are based on the following considerations: 

  • Type: What are you editing? The posts, the header, footer, 404 page? It's all here.
  • Location: You can use a filter to restrict a layout based on where it shows up. For example, you may have a special layout just for blog posts with the category "illustrations". This lets you create a layout that highlights images instead of text. 
  • Rules: These are more advanced filters and such.

Really though, you should check out this video that Beaver Builder published to release the themer option.

The most important thing is knowing the difference between a theme layout and a standard page. Check out the related article on that topic.
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