Updating plugins

It's important to update your website plugins regularly to keep things working smoothly. This is one of the core features in our Sapling Care Plan, and is available as an upgrade for our Basic Care Plan members. It's also very easy to do yourself.

How to update plugins

If there are updates available, there will be a red notification on the plugin menu, found on the left side menu of your website dashboard. Simply click “Plugins” to open, and you’ll see which plugins need updating. Then click “update now” on each plugin.

Why update plugins?

Developers who create and maintain the plugins are constantly making changes and improvements and removing security vulnerabilities that could impact your website. By keeping your plugins up to date, you're keeping your website in tip-top shape.

More details on updating plugins

Start by navigating to the plugin area on your website. You'll see a notification if a plugin needs updating.

Then, click "update now" on the plugin that needs updating. It’s that simple!

But you're not completely done.

Now, go test the plugin to make sure that everything is working as it should. If anything seem out of order, make sure to submit a support ticket.

Care Plan Updates

Good news: if you are a Maple care plan client at a Sapling, Professional, or Growth tier, we’ll handle all your plugin updates! You can rest easy. To learn more about our care plans, visit https://buildwithmaple.com/care-plans/.

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