Viewing and understanding your website analytics

At Maple, we use a tool called Fathom Analytics to understand website analytics so that we can improve them over time. With Fathom Analytics, we can see how many people visit your website, where they live and how they discover your site, which pages on your site are most popular, and how often visitors take actions like clicking on your sign-up link, downloading free resources, or purchasing products. If you are interested in learning about the SEO plugin Rank Math, scroll down for more details.

Fathom Analytics and weekly reports are available with a Maple Care Plan.

To view your analytics, log into your website dashboard (by visiting

Then, navigate to “Analytics” on the left side menu of your website dashboard. If you click “Analytics,” you’ll see a dropdown menu with various options for viewing and interacting with your website analytics.

Here’s a visual to show you how to find the analytics section on your site dashboard and a video to help you understand the analytics section in more detail.

Rank Math

If you are a Maple care plan client at the Sapling tier or higher, your care plan includes the Rank Math plugin on your website. With Rank Math, you can see complex analytics related to your page, as well as get suggestions for improving your website SEO.

To view your website Rank Math analytics and suggestions, click “Rank Math” in the left side menu on your website dashboard. You’ll see a submenu appear to see everything Rank Math has to offer. For the full benefits of Rank Math, you’ll want to connect Google Services by clicking “Analytics” in the Rank Math submenu. You can either connect Google Services yourself or contact for help with this process.

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