Your Flywheel Dashboard

When you login to your website to add or edit content you are using WordPress. That's the software installed on your website that allows you to log in and make changes.

Flywheel is where your website is hosted.

You can login at

Your username and password were created when you set up your care plan with Maple. If you aren't sure how to access your account, contact us, and we'll send you a link to set a new password:

Here are some things you might do by logging into your Flywheel dashboard.

  • Get support from a WordPress or Flywheel expert (chat and tickets)
  • Restore your website to a backup (every 24 hours)
  • Change your website domain
  • Access your website files via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

The Flywheel dashboard gives you complete access to the actual database where all of your website files are stored. This is more advanced, but sometimes you'll be asked by a developer to provide FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access or something similar.

Having this level of access is what it means to really own your website.

Your Flywheel dashboard is fairly simple, but you can still have advanced options regarding website security, cache, backups, and options for multi-site.

Here is a visual to show you what a Flywheel dashboard looks like. To get support directly from Flywheel, click “Get Help” in the upper right corner to start a support ticket or send a message via chat.

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