Theme Builder vs Page Builder

When you're editing content on a page, you'll be using Maple Builder (which is a page builder).

Your home page, about page, contact page... you might have a unique layout for each of these, created with the page builder.

But other pages on your site that display conditional information such as...

  • Search results
  • 404 Error
  • Blog posts (the page that displays the current post you're reading)
  • Calendar events
  • Products
  • Confirmations

Well, until recently, it would either require a lot of repetitive building OR writing code for your website theme. Default layouts, and functional layouts like the ones mentioned above would automatically take on the "theme" of your website.

When you need to edit something that is part of your website theme, you'll be using the "Themer", which is a way of managing theme layouts with Maple Builder. 

The video above shows a specific use, but here's a great overview video.  

What’s the difference between a theme layout and a regular page? 

Understanding the difference between regular page layouts and themer layouts is critical to using this tool.

A theme layout is a style that you apply to particular type of content – whereas a page layout is just to that specific page. 
For example, your about page is a static page. There is only one about page. 
BUT, your blog post layout is the layout that is applied to all blog posts. Anytime you publish a blog post the content you publish will fill the layout that you created. 
For example, I had a lot of fun creating a custom blog post layout for Maple. 
The feature image is not formatted to show up with a drop shadow to the left of the title. I also added the author box to the end of the article and was able to adjust the width of the entire post so it’s easy to read on all devices.  

As you can see in the image there are a bunch of options included in the “themer modules” list in the page builder menu. 
These are special modules that you can use for theme layouts, including WooCommerce which is cut off in the screenshot but part of this menu. I use themer to setup custom events calendars, blog layouts, and detailed archives for larger organizations and it works beautifully. 
Cheers to the themer!
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