Editing the Header and Footer

You may have noticed that when you're editing a page with Maple Builder, you are not able to edit the header or footer of your website unless you specifically select them from the Maple Builder menu. 

If you don't see "custom header" and "custom footer" in the builder menu, you need to use "customize" button instead. See the article on using the customizer if this is the case.

The header and footer are separate because they are part of your theme – so they show up across your entire site. When you start to edit them, a new tab opens where you will see this theme element in isolation, or based on a page that you choose to preview it with. 

The ability to edit your header and footer is powerful, because it happens across the whole site. This can impact navigation, whether your site is mobile friendly, and a variety of other things. 

Once you turn on Maple Builder for the header, you can make changes to the following:

  • Your logo or site name
  • The background color
  • The menu in your header
  • Margins and spacing

See the other help desk articles about changing images, spacing, row background, etc... for editing your header because it works just like any other page that uses Maple Builder.

Additional Tips:

It's standard that your logo or title would also be a link to your home page. Make sure you have the link enabled for that module, and connected to your home page URL.

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