Clickable elements too close together

Every now and then we get a notice from Google Search Console warning that "clickable elements are too close together".

We can troubleshoot this ourselves in the page builder – and to get some clarity we asked the support team at Beaver Builder what they recommend. Here was their helpful response. 

"Basically, "Clickable elements too close together" means that you want to make sure there is enough space between your links or buttons. For buttons, a min height of 48px and a space of 32px for links. These are usually adjustable in the Theme's customizer (they are in the Beaver theme) or in the module settings if using the menu module for example.

"Text too small to read" means your font size is too small and should be increased. Google recommends 16px.

Those tools are often a bit old though, and may give you odd "problems" to resolve, sometimes problems that are not really there.

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