How to have your website show up in search results

Search engines rank websites based on different criteria, which tends to change over time... 

So how do you get shown at the top of the list?

This is the goal of most businesses, and companies spend oogles of money competing on search keywords.

But what is the goal of the search engine?

Well, it's usually to provide the best answer to the question of the person searching. 

It's helpful to understand what they rank websites on:

  • Relevant Content
  • How long the site has been around
  • Whether or not people link to the website
  • How organized the website content is
  • Is the website accessible? 
  • Is the website mobile friendly?

This is one of the reasons a well organized WordPress blog is so effective at being found by search engines – if it meets some of this criteria. 

This area of focus is called Search Engine Optimization

Here's my candid advice.

Don't compete on keywords. Don't try to trick the search engines into displaying you.

Instead, focus on value. 

The people who focus on providing the most value are the most successful with search engines and despite search engines.

There is software you can install on your website to help you audit your website for ways to improve SEO, but this can be a distraction from what really matters.

Are you creating something on your website worth sharing? 

Are you building a list of readers who would miss you if you stopped writing? 

The most effective thing to optimize is your own name. Instead of focusing on keywords, be pro-active about getting your name out there, providing value, and let people search for your name instead of a vague term. 

Another area that is rarely discussed is audience optimization. 

Who is looking for you? Who is coming to your website? Are they the right fit for your service? 

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