Email your blog posts to your email list

Some email service providers like ConvertKit will automatically connect to your blog and then send out your latest posts for you. 

While this automation is useful, it's risky for newer website owners and website without a lot of traffic. 

The purpose of automation is to be able to do something at scale – so if you make any mistakes these will happen at scale as well. Let's say your scheduling some content on your blog but you use an incorrect date and "boom" you've just sent an email to your list by mistake. Using automations requires more experience and more attention to detail. 

That said, if you have a very active blog and a large email list, the automations will save you some time.

Here's a simple process you can follow to send your latest blog post manually. You'll see it's not that hard once you get the hang of it.

  1. Publish your blog post
  2. Copy the Title and first couple paragraphs
  3. Paste content into a new broadcast in CK and format accordingly
  4. Copy the URL to the blog post
  5. Add a link to your CK broadcast to "keep reading on the Northbrook Farm Blog"
  6. Test the broadcast, make sure it looks good
  7. Send to your list

The reason you do the link to the blog instead of the entire article is so that you can get a sense of how engaged the list is by how many people click the link to keep reading. it also brings people closer to your store.

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