What is a plugin?

The reason WordPress is such a flexible platform is because you can install additional software to add new features to your website. 

This software is called a plugin. For example, Maple websites have the Page Builder, which is a plugin that helps you design pages. We also use Fathom Analytics, a privacy focused analytics tool. There are other plugins available for clients as well.

Anyone can create a plugin for WordPress, which means there are millions of plugins to choose from. In a way, plugins are just like apps you'd install on your phone. If WordPress was the operating system, plugins would be the applications you install for specific reasons. 

Choosing a trusted plugin

Just like software you can download and install on your computer, plugins can range from helpful to disastrous. Choosing a plugin that is poorly built, out of date, or outright malicious can cause all kinds of problems for your website.
Fortunately, you can read reviews and choose reputable plugins from the plugin repository on WordPress.org. There is also a built in plugin search feature on your website when you click "add plugin" in your dashboard menu. Look for plugins that have good ratings, have been updated recently.

What plugins do you have? 

What makes Maple website unique is that I've curated and licensed (paid for) a variety of high quality plugins that you can use on your website.
You can see plugins installed on your website by clicking the plugins area. We can install additional plugins as well, based on what you need to achieve.

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