Page Design Templates

A template is a prebuilt layout or design that you can use to quickly start working on a page. 

Templates usually have a particular branding or design to them, but they can also be changed.

I see templates as a strong starting point for a website – IF the content and strategy have been completed. 

Otherwise, templates can distract or render a website completely ineffective because they steer us away from what is important. In other words... don't take a shortcut until you know where you're going.

NOTE: See related articles, Starter Websites (pre-made websites with the page builder), and Prebuilt Rows (pre-made row layouts you can add to a page).

How to use a template

You can access templates from your page builder menu tab, "templates"
After you choose one, you'll be asked if you want to replace or append layout. Append will add the template to the bottom of your page, while replace will completely remove what you currently have.
Once you've added your template, you can edit it with the page builder, row by row, module by module.
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