Choosing a Theme

Your Website theme is basically the operating system for your website. 

It is not a template. 

When you see images of themes, they should really say "here's what your website could look like if you use this theme. Click "Live Preview" on any of the themes installed on your website to see what I mean. Scroll down to learn how to use a template. 

What themes are on your website?

The themes installed on your website are solid, well built premium (paid) themes from StudioPress and Beaver Builder. I've installed them on your Sapling Website so you can have some options. These are themes that I have tested, trust, and recommend.

Contact me before changing your theme so I can help you choose the right one andget it set up.

The theme is an operating system

It provides all the options you have to design and build pages. That's why, when you click "live preview" or activate a theme it's not quite what you'd expect. It needs to be configured with your content and the page builder content needs to move out of the way.

If you're using the page builder to edit your pages, you need to use one of the Build With Maple themes.

This theme is created to work perfectly with the page builder. Since the builder tool is so effective and flexible, we only use the theme options for changing our active links, heading and text styles, buttons, and the occasional code insertion.

Are you looking for templates?

If you want to choose a style to insert your content, you might be looking for a template, not a theme. The Page Builder actually has variety of page templates available for you to choose from in the page builder. Check out the related article on templates for more info.