User profile not visible in search directory

If you have created a user account for a member on your website, and they are not showing in your website's member search directory, follow the steps below.

1. On the website dashboard, scroll down and select Users.
2. Under the Users heading, click on "Waiting email confirmation."
3. If you see the user's account under this heading, you can exercise one of the two options below.  

Option 1:  Select the user's account, and change UM action to "Resend Activation Email" and click "Apply."  Once the user receives the new activation email, they will follow the steps listed in the activation email to have their account activated.  Once this is done, and the user's membership is approved (if applicable), the user should be visible in the member search directory.

Option 1:  Select the user's account, and change UM action to "Approve Membership" and click "Apply."  The user should now be visible in the member search directory.  You will have to create a system-generated password for the user (steps below) and send it to the user since they will not have the chance to create their own using this option.  

Creating a system-generated user password:  On the website dashboard, scroll down and select Users.  Click on the users account.  Scroll down to "Generate Password" under Account Management.  Send the generated password to the user via email or via phone.  

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