How to add PDF documents to your website

You may need to add a PDF to your website to share an order form, menu, or some other document.

Adding a PDF is the same process as adding an image – only instead of displaying an image your website will display a link to download the PDF.

There are 3 ways to add PDFs to your website.

1. In the blocks editor, add a new "file" block. This will ask you to upload to your media library, then create a link with the title of your document and a download button. 

2. In the page builder, you can use a module called "file download" (see image below).

3. Use a plugin like Downloads Manager. This is great if you want to have multiple documents, and keep track of how often they are clicked on. Here is a video about downloads manager


Bonus method:

Once you have a file in your media library, you can grab the URL for that file and link it to whatever you want. For example, you can create a callout module, or just a regular image module and have it link to the file download. I use screenshots of the cover image for my PDF as an image to give readers a preview of what they're about to download. The image is basically a visual button for your PDF. This is what we do for the newsletter archive at

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