Cancelling Your Care Plan

Maple is all about giving you choices and the ability to move your website is one of them.

If your website is hosted by Maple, there are a number of things you will need to move or be closed. Since we use Flywheel for managed hosting, you can wrap up your work with Maple and we can simply switch the billing into your name. Visit for more information, or simply login to your Flywheel account and contact their support. 

Here are the things that need to be handled whenever migrating a website:

  1. Your Website Files
  2. Your software licenses
  3. Access to Maple video library and support
  4. Your contract with Maple

Your Website Files

When you login to your flywheel account you can download your website files as a zip file or you can connect via FTP client to migrate your website to a new host. You can contact and tell them the URL of your website to get direct support from them. 

NOTE: We can also transfer your website from Maple's account to your own personal account starting at $14 /month. Your website doesn't even need to move, you would simply assume the responsibility of the hosting expenses and remove Maple from the list of hosting collaborators.

Your Software Licenses

Your licenses for Maple Builder, as well as any other software included in your care plan will need to be changed into your name. This requires purchasing the software and then updating the license key information. 

  • The page builder software that you use on your site starts at $99 /year and the theme editor is $89 /year. You would create an account and purchase the software there. 
  • If you are using Maple powerpack modules on your site you would need to replace them or purchase the license for an additional $99 /year at
  • If you use WPForms to collect registrations or contact forms on your website you would need to use a free alternative such as google forms or purchase a license starting at $79 /year at
  • If you use your forms along with a Stripe integration you would need a pro license from WPForms for $399 /year

Access to Maple Video Library

This probably goes without saying, but migrating your care plan will remove the video updates from your website as well. You'll still be able to reach out to us anytime with questions as we'd love to help and love the encouragement to keep creating content. 

Your Contract With Maple

This is a help document, not a contract, so you'll need to look at your hosting agreement with us for details about the migration. In any situation where you no longer are a client of Maple Creative we cease to be responsible for the operating, functioning, saving, and backup of your website. The contract will end when the billing cycle ends. 

Any questions about migrating your account, or if you need access to credentials for your website, leave a support ticket. 

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