Migrating to Maple

Migrating your website means creating a copy of your website on our private server here at Maple. You'll have a unique URL that you can use to test the new website and experience how we do things differently at Maple. 

Your current site doesn't change until you're 100% ready to make the switch, then we help you with that too. 

Here are some of the reasons people migrate their website to Maple

  • They want the tools that help them run their website more effectively
  • They want the bundled rate we offer on software and services
  • They want to save money by cleaning up their online accounts
  • They want managed hosting with security, daily backups, and a faster load time
  • They want personalized support from people who know the details about their website
  • They want to have the extensive video manual and live trainings we offer
  • They want to clean up their messes, tie up loose ends, and have a single person they can communicate with when it comes to website stuff and technical support

Migrating your website is super easy

All you need to do is start a conversation or leave a message for us. We'll learn a bit more about your website, get the credentials we need, and start the migration. 

It takes less than a week to complete the migration, cancel your other accounts, and schedule a meeting to review your newly migrated website and tools. You'll have time to test everything out – and if you don't like the Maple platform for your website, you can simply cancel. 

So leave us a message and tell us more about your website, and we'll get you started with a free migration. 

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