Editing your website menu

You can edit your menu any time from the "customizer". 

As long as you're logged in to your website you will see this option in your top bar menu. Click to open, then click menus to choose what goes on your menu. 

You can create as many menus as you need, and insert them wherever you need to – but the main menu is something most readers will expect to find their way around your website. 

Click "add items" to build your menu, and expand the existing items to change the title or remove them. 

You can add any kind of content you want using custom links, but most of the time you are connecting pages. This way, if you change the name or URL of the page, your menu will update with your changes. 

Drag and drop to change the way content is arranged, or select "reorder" for fine-tuning. 

For more details about creating and managing menus be sure to watch the WordPress tutorials provided in your website dashboard. Just search for "menu".

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