Choosing a Care Plan

You can read all about our care plans and what is included at – or you can simply describe your website and the regular needs that you have (or don't have) and we can match a care plan for you. We offer custom plans for larger websites and standard plans for smaller websites.

Your site is the 24/7 representation of your work, and getting a care plan shows that you care about your website looking good and working exactly how it should. It's that simple. If your website is valuable enough to exist, then it's valuable enough to protect and ensure that it's getting results. This is truly what distinguishes what we're creating here at Maple from many of the click-bait services on the web these days. 

Talk to us to learn which care plan is right for you, and we can get you started right away.

There are three care plan options – each of them includes managed WordPress hosting and direct support so you can focus on your content.

Choosing a plan

Choosing the right plan about identifying the type of website you have and the type of changes you need (or don't need) to make on a regular basis. There's a point in which everyone who's running a business or organization needs to delegate some tasks. 

So choosing a plan is about the kind of tasks you want to delegate, matched with the kind of website you own. Please leave a message about your website and we'll help match the care plan that would be best for you. 

Care Plan Pricing

Our care plan pricing model is also based on outcomes, so choosing the right care plan for you is based on the type of website you own and the outcomes you wish to have. 

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