Do I need to continue the care plan after 3 months?

Note: Students of Build Your Website Essentials group program have 3 months of a Maple Care Plan included in their course enrollment.

As a student, you have the option to continue hosting your website with Maple, or taking your website to another hosting service of your choice. 

So no, you do not need to continue.

From the start of your care plan trial, you will have full access to your website files, a login to your hosting account, and the ability to move everything. Some clients already have a preferred hosting provider and that is totally cool.

Many students choose to enroll in an ongoing care plan so they can focus only on content and have support in finishing or growing their website. 

There is also the benefit of bundled pricing. Basically you get access to software and technical help which would otherwise cost you hundreds of extra dollars /year. Care plans start at just $55/month and provide everything from chat support to a library of WordPress tutorials built right into your website dashboard. 

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