What if I don’t complete my website?

I support and challenge you to recognize that what you're working on is better than nothing.

For example, your new website will be effective so long as you...

  • Connect with your reader by introducing yourself and why you started your business
  • Teach why your focus is important, show examples of how people have benefited from your products or services
  • Offer a clear process for connecting with you, hiring you, or purchasing your product.

You can work on the rest of your pages over time.

You can hide all the pages you aren't ready to publish, and continue to work on them. You can also remove your website menu altogether until you're ready to provide it. So what is your minimum viable website?

What page sections are critical to meeting an effective design (the goal) above?

You can revisit course materials as needed

You will have lifetime access to the course materials, video replays, tutorials, resources within your program dashboard

You can explore the knowledge base or ask a question

This is your resource to help you navigate your new website. It also has a button where you can send us a message or chat live.

Your care plan has you covered

The program includes 3 months on a care plan, which essentially gives you an extension on the support services and community to help you finish your website. If you choose to continue the care plan then you can grow your business and website with ongoing help.

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