Events Calendar

The events calendar is a popular plugin that helps you manage events. Event posts are just like regular blog posts, but they have some extra features, the kind of things you'd expect from an event:

  • Start date and end date
  • Venue location
  • Organizer information
  • External event link
  • RSVP integration with email lists, etc...
  • Ticket sales
  • Special links to "Add to calendar"

These features go a long way.

For example, because there is a start date and end date, the event can be listed on your home page. Once the event is over, it goes away from the home page and can then be found in the "past events" area. This makes it easier to manage your website because things will simply update automatically.

How much does it cost?

The most basic version is totally free – which is awesome :-)

For more advanced features, you'll need to install Events Calendar Pro, which is around $89 /year. There are some add-ons which are an additional $89 /year. For example, if you have a community calendar, we can have a form where users can create and manage events. 

You can see all the add ons at

Here are some ways clients use Events Calendar:

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